Don't get left on the road while your friends ride away.The easy way to fix a broken chain.

22-year of success

"Sigma Connector" - TAYA Innovated Bike Quick Link which makes the snap together chain fast assembled without requiring an air rivet staking tool.

Sigma’s pinhead groove interlocks positively with the top plate, providing unprecedented riveting strength, making the Sigma Connector as strong as any other link in the chain and no issues with the quality for shifting.

There are millions of Sigma Connectors in use everyday around the world, having been in use for over 22 years proving its reliability.

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  • First creator of Non-Tool Required connector
  • Easy installation on the go
  • Compatible with narrow chains

3 Steps Workshop: Bicycle Chain Installation

Step 1.

Insert the chain into two pins

Step 2.

Inser the plate
Left thumb pushes the plate to fit in the groove

Step 3.

Mind the gap between chain and plate
Right hand to bend the chain inward


Outer and inner plates are parallel
Make sure the chains have no stiff links

The Secret of Unique Design--Quick Link Structure Comparison

The Secret of Strong Connection--Force Analysis